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    Carlsberg Pilsner & Grimbergen |40 cl. 55 dkk. |25 cl. 40 dkk.
    Carlsbergs Selected|40 cl. 55 dkk. | 25 cl. 40 dkk.
    Leffe Blonde|33 cl. 52 dkk.
    Leffe Blonde|50 cl. 65 dkk.

    Carlsberg, Tuborg 35 dkk.
    Blå Thor 38 dkk.
    Lys øl 30 dkk.
    Carlsberg Nordic |33 cl. |0,5 % 32 dkk.
    Erdinger Weissbier |50 cl. |5,3 % 75 dkk.
    Erdinger Dunkel |50 cl. |5,3 % 75 dkk.
    Jacobsen Golden Naked Christmas|75 cl. |7,5 % 85 dkk.
    Randers Bryghus Christmas|50 cl. |6,5 % 75 dkk.
    Randers Bryghus Brown Ale|50 cl. |5,6 % 75 dkk.
    Randers Bryghus Classic Guld |50 cl. |5,6 % 75 dkk.
    Randers Bryghus Buur|50 cl. |6,1 % 75 dkk.
    Randers Bryghus Pale Ale|50 cl. |5,6 % 75 dkk.

    Fizzy drinks|25 cl. 30 dkk.
    Ramlösa|33 cl. 30 dkk.
    Fur still|50 cl. 45 dkk.
    Ice water 22 dkk. pr. person.

    Rhubarb|25 cl. 39 dkk.
    Raspberry|25 cl. 39 dkk.
    Lime and mint|25 cl. 39 dkk.

    1 Cup of coffee or tea 25 dkk.
    1 Coffee or tea pot 65 dkk.
    Latte, Cappuccino 39 dkk.
    Espresso single 30 dkk.|double 38 dkk.
    Hot chocolate with whipped cream 42 dkk.
    American coffee|espresso and chocolate| 46 dkk.
    Irish coffee|4 cl. 72 dkk.

    Rød Aalborg, Krone, Brøndum, Export |2 cl. 25 dkk.
    Linie |2 cl. 30 dkk.

    Cognac |Remy Martin V.S.O.P.|2 cl. 55 dkk.
    Cognac |Remy Martin X.O|2 cl. 95 dkk.
    Cognac |L’heraud V.S.O.P |2 cl. 45 dkk.
    Cognac |L’heraud X.O |2 cl. 90 dkk.
    Cognac |L’heraud petit Champagne 1978 |2 cl. 95 dkk.
    Armagnac |Baron Gaston Legrand 1984 |2 cl. 60 dkk.
    Armagnac |Baron Gaston Legrand 1981 |2 cl. 65 dkk.
    Armagnac |Baron Gaston Legrand 1963 |2 cl. 70 dkk.

    Grand Marnier Cordon Jeaune |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Cointreau Triple Sec |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Drambuie |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Bailey´s Irish Cream |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Saint Brendan´s Irish Cream |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Amaretto |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Kahlua |2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Galiano |2 cl. 35 dkk.

    Calvados |2 cl. 55 dkk.
    Grappa Banfi |2 cl. 45 dkk.
    Eau De Vie |Diverse |2 cl. 35 dkk.

    Common spirit brands|2 cl. 30 dkk.
    Famous Grouse |Blended Whisky |2 cl. 30 dkk.
    Jack Daniels |Whiskey | 2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Canadian Club |Whisky | 2 cl. 35 dkk.
    Single malt |Whisky | 2 cl. 65 dkk.
    Assorted rum |2 cl. from 60 dkk.
    Assorted gin |2 cl. from 45 dkk.
    Assorted cider 50 dkk.

    Brut|France 560 kr. Glass 75 dkk.
    Beautiful champagne with a light golden colour. The taste is well balanced and slightly fruity.

    Pierre Peters Blanc de Blancs
    Brut|France 595 dkk.
    Champagne with notes of citrus, apples and minerals.

    Rosa Regale Brachetto d`Acqui |Italy 359 dkk.
    Light ruby red colour, intens and fruity aroma. The taste is soft and fresh with a hint of sweet berries and almonds.

    Santa Rita
    Rose|Chile 278 kr. Glass 70 dkk.
    Lovely, elegant with scent of fruits and distinguished fresh taste.

    Rose|Italy 269 dkk.
    Harmonious wine with intense pink color and a fresh scent of berries. The taste is lovely, fresh, crispy and well-structured.

    Domaine Aureto,
    Rose|France 328 dkk.
    Wine with delicate notes of strawberry and a great aromatic intensity.

    Domaine Sipp Mack,
    Pinot Blanc|France|Alsace 278 dkk.
    Crispy and well-balanced taste with hints of apple and nuts.

    Domaine Sipp Mack,
    Riesling|France|Alsace 298 dkk.
    Light golden straw coloured wine with a scent
    of fruit and lemon.

    Domaine Sipp Mack,
    Pinot Gris|France|Alsace 328 dkk. Glass 80 dkk.
    Strong and well-balanced wine with a nice and lasting aftertaste.

    Weingut Josef Rosch
    Riesling Trocken, Leiwener|Germany| 298 dkk.
    Wine with fine intense fragrance that is very mineral with light fruit.

    Weingut Bründlmeyer
    Grüner Veltliner 1 L|Austria| 288 dkk. Glass 70 dkk.
    Fresh wine with lots of fruit and notes of citrus and flowers.

    J. Moreau & Fils|France|Burgundy 365 dkk.
    Beautiful wine with an exquisite scent of exotic fruits.

    2011 Meursault 1´er Cru, Blagny
    Faively|France|Burgundy 655 dkk.
    The scent of citrus, nuts and melted butter.
    Elegant taste with delicate fruit.

    Marani Bianco I.G.T
    Sartori|Italy 315 dkk.
    Fantastic scent of ripen fruits and honey. The wine has a dry, soft and fresh taste with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

    Centine Bianco|Italy 280 dkk. Glass 65 dkk.
    Elegant wine with a clear and light yellow colour and hints of pear, apricot, lime and herbs.

    Fontanelle Chardonnay|Italy 399 dkk.
    Intense and fruity scent with a hint of spicy vanilla, delicate and mellow.

    Chardonnay|Argentina 248 dkk. Glass 60 dkk.
    Elegant wine with exotic scent of pineapple, melon, peach and vanilla. The taste is smooth and rounded.

    Familia Zuccardi
    Q Chardonnay|Argentina 329 dkk.
    Beautiful golden color with green reflexes. Scents of pear, apple and peach rises out of the glass with notes of vanilla and toast.

    Kendall-Jackson Vintner´s Reserve
    Chardonnay|USA 495 dkk.
    Harmonious and fresh wine with delicious scent of mango, papaya, pinapple, lemon and lime.

    Carmel Road Winery
    Chardonnay|USA 450 dkk.
    Delicious fragrance of citrus and fruits. The wine has a perfect balance between the fruit and the discrete barrel aging.

    Klein Constantia
    Sauvignon Blanc|South Africa 328 dkk.
    A wine with great character. The colour is golden and the scent is intens with hints of peaches and figs.

    Chardonnay|Israel 318 dkk.
    Elegant wine with a fantastic scent of ripen pears, fresh apples and tropical fruits.

    Staete Landt
    Annabel, Sauvignon Blanc|New Zealand 398 dkk.
    Intense aromatic nose of nectarines, fruit and citrus elements.

    Cabernet Sauvignon|Argentina 248 dkk. Glass 60 dkk.
    Elegant wine with intens scent of spices and black pepper.

    Malbec|Argentina 328 dkk.
    Intens wine with a scent of slightly spiced and dried herbs, ripe fruits, plums and dark cherries.

    Familia Zuccardi
    Zuccardi Q, Cabernet Sauvignon|Argentina 329 dkk.
    Wine which is quite purple in color with aroma of ripe red and black fruits such as blackberries and blackcurrants.

    Familia Zuccardi
    Zuccardi Zeta|Argentina 575 dkk.
    Powerful wine with firm structure and ripe tannins and perfect balance between fruit and acidity.

    Pinot Noir
    La Moutonniere|France|Burgundy 358 dkk.
    Mixed scent of small red and black berries. The tannins and fruity flavour makes the wine harmonious and well rounded.

    Mommesin|France 298 dkk. Glass 65 dkk.
    Splendid scent of cherries and raspberries. A wine with soft tannins and a well-balanced fruity taste.

    Moulin A Vent
    Beauregard|France 385 dkk.
    Wine with deep ruby color and a rich, fresh and fruity taste.

    Cotes du Rhône
    La Bastide Saint Dominique|France|Rhone 318 dkk.
    Wine with intriguing aromas of black plum, cherry and pine forest.

    Gigondas – Ferraton,
    Les Murailles|France|Rhone 398 dkk.
    A complex scent of ripe fruits, spices and black pepper. The wine has soft tannins and a long aftertaste.

    2012 Chateauneuf du Pape, Hesperides
    La Bastide Saint Dominique|France|Rhone 545 dkk.
    Excellent and elegant Chateauneuf du Pape with plenty of fruit and fullness.

    2012 Chateauneuf du Pape
    Mont Olivet|France|Rhone 498 dkk.
    Wine with elegant and delicate filling and bouquet of thyme and lavender.

    2006 Clos du Clocher
    France|Pomerol 925 dkk.
    A complex wine with a strong bouquet. The wine is elegant and generous with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

    2010 L´Expression de Pauillac
    France|Bordeaux 545 dkk.
    Slight touch of black currant, and classic tannins from Bordeaux.

    2009 Haut Simard, St. Emilion Grand Cru
    France|Bordeaux 575 dkk.
    Wine with great fruit and a nice acid balance.

    2010 Chateau Cohin
    France|Bordeaux 535 dkk.
    Elegant and aromatic wine, with notes of plum, raspberry and cedar.

    Reius – Sartori|Italy 398 dkk.
    This wine is full-bodied, rounded and has an almost silky smooth taste of ripe fruits and delicious hints of spices.

    Valpolicella Ripasso Acinatico
    Accordini Stefano|Italy 340 dkk. Glass 75 dkk.
    Wine with a rich dark color and an intense soft aroma of dark berries with spice and vanilla.

    2010 Valpolicella doc Superiore
    Ernesto Ruffo|Italy 825 dkk.
    Great wine with attention to every detail. Only the absolute perfect ripe grapes are picked and put to dry.

    2006 Brunello Di Montalcino
    San Lorenzo|Italy 575 dkk.
    Beautiful warm red colored wine, with a luxurious scent and hints of dried flowers, spices and ripe fruits.

    2008 Barbera d`Alba, Vigna Martina, Magnum
    Elio Grasso|Italy 999 dkk.
    Wine with cherry aromas mixed with hints of leather, thyme and a warm grounded taste.

    2008 Barolo Neirane
    Bosco Agostino|Italy 655 dkk.
    Beautiful scent of violets and red fruit flavor, you will find coffee, chocolate and ripe fruit.

    Montepulciano D`Abruzzo|Italy 298 dkk. Glass 65 dkk.
    Characteristic scent of liquorice and dark berries. The wine is well-balanced with a hint of oak barrels.

    Centine Toscana I.G.T|Italy 295 dkk.
    A ruby red and harmonious wine with a pleasant taste of fruits.

    Summa Varietalis
    Estate Bottled|Spain 395 dkk.
    A complex wine with a dark and almost purple colour.
    It is elegant and full-bodied with a soft fruity taste.

    Club Lealtanza Reserva Rioja
    Bodegas Altanza|Spain 460 dkk.
    Wine with intense and deep color and an elegant fragrance of light fruity notes from French oak.

    Pinot Noir
    Carmel Road Winery|USA 399 dkk.
    Soft and fragrant wine with rich flavors of red berries, spices and mineral undertones.

    Vintners Reserve Zinfandel|USA 398 dkk.
    Elegant and full-bodied wine with a great colour and an intens and fruity scent. This wine has an amazing taste of raspberries.

    Quinta do Pègo
    Portugal 398 dkk.
    Characteristic wine with a fresh and intens scent of ripe red fruits. The wine has strong tannins and a long aftertaste.

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot|South Africa 338 dkk.
    Glass 75 dkk.
    Well-structured wine with a fabulous warm red colour.
    The wine has an intens scent and a complex fruity taste.

    Moscato D´Asti
    Italy 298 dkk.
    Elegant wine with a clear golden colour. Has an intens and fruity scent and a well-balanced taste and a pleasant aftertaste.

    Florus Moscadello di Montalcino 50 cl|Italy 429 dkk.
    Excellent wine with intens yellow colour. Elegant and harmonious scent with hints of exotic fruits, sweet and full-bodied taste.

    Heights Wine, Gewürztraminer 37,5 Cl|Israel 325 dkk.
    Clear colour, delicious and sweet scent with hints of apricot, pear and peach and the taste is intens and full-bodied.

    Pineau des Charentes
    L`héraud|France 368 dkk. glass 60 dkk.
    For 7 years this wine has aged in oak barrels prior used for cognac.

    Klein Constantia
    Vin de Constance|South Africa glass 70 dkk.
    Fantastic wine – a dessert itself…